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Type I collagen accounts for nearly 80% of the skin's collagen composition. Amino acids in collagen encourage the growth of new skin cells and slow the effects of aging of the skin. Double-blind*, placebo-controlled research studies have demonstrated on several occasions that women from the ages of 25-55 consuming at least a 5g serving of collagen a day for two months showed signs of skin, hair, and nail improvement. Volunteers reported increased skin firmness, smoothness, plumpness, and moisture retention.

Collagen has also proven to assist with the reduction of stretch marks, as well as cellulite. Depleted collagen levels trigger thinning of the skin, which makes cellulite both more likely and more evident. When noting collagen-induced skin improvement, cellulite and stretch mark minimization seemed to simultaneously occur. Nail and hair growth and strengthening was also largely noted in volunteers.


It is also found in the bone in our teeth and provides strong, durable, and healthy enamel.

Note: Vitamin C is a crucial component to collagen production in the body. Vitamin C, in conjunction with collagen, enhances and encourages the breakdown of amino acids in the collagen proteins for absorption, usage, and formation within the body. The best form of nutrition is whole food-based nutrition, so we have paired our marine collagen with organic Peruvian camu camu, which has the most potent vitamin C content of any fruit, and a number of antioxidant benefits.