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April 05, 2019 2 min read

Ok, so now we get it. Collagen is essential for our overall skin, hair, nail, and body health. But why ReVital Organics?

Who is our collagen for?

For health conscious individuals interested in a clean, safe, and science-backed collagen supplement, our Premium Marine Collagen Powder is for you.

What was most important to us in developing our collagen supplement was to provide a collagen formula that not only met the (our) highest standards of quality, but was also honestly clean, safe, and effective. We felt there that should not be a need to choose between what's best for you, and what actually works.

We made it our goal to proudly operate under a transparent natural and organic policy, and all of our ingredients are organic and/or natural, of top quality, and sourced directly from the country of origin. 

Our powder is honestly 100% free of additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars, and emulsifiers. We triple-test our formula and ingredients by three different FDA and NSF-certified thirty party labs for purity and quality assurance.

Both our vitamin C and vanilla powders are organic, however, there is no known source of organic hydrolyzed marine collagen, as while wild-caught fish are organic in nature, the FDA does not permit wild-caught fish to be classified as organic.  (We have diligently looked into this and find that wild-caught fish is a much cleaner and healthier source than farmed fish. Furthermore, we are not aware of any organic farmed hydrolyzed marine collagen sources).

We safely source our hydrolyzed marine collagen directly from North Atlantic cod Canadian waters. While many collagen companies source from China, as it is much cheaper, it is, however, less reliable in terms of ensuring purity and cleanliness, as regulations are quite a bit looser overseas.

Our vitamin C is derived from organic Peruvian camu camu, one of the naturally richest fruit forms of vitamin C at 60 times that of an orange, and full of super beneficial antioxidants! (Note that vitamin C is crucial to collagen production and absorption in the body.)

Lastly, what's of crucial importance in a collagen supplement is its molecular weight. We are one of the few companies to use a low molecular weight marine collagen, which is probably the most important factor when it comes to ability to for the body to actually digest, absorb, and utilize the collagen peptides. Ultimately there is no point to taking a supplement that would otherwise not have the ability to be digested, and defeats the purpose entirely.

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback, as well as contact us at if you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments! 

We hope you enjoy it!


The ReVital Organics Team

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